Creatine Kinase

Creatine kinases mobilize energy rapidly by converting energy stores of creatine phosphate into ATP. The muscle isoform (M-CK) is particularly important and is partly located at the M-line where it supplies ATP to the actomyosin ATPase for motor activity. The brain isoform (B-BK) is widely-distributed but M-CK is switched on in striated muscle only as part of a general myogenic gene switch in early development. Creatine kinase is dimeric and the MB-CK dimer is found only in cardiac muscle. The enzymes are highly-conformational and most antibodies recognize either native or denatured forms, but not both (Webb and Morris, Proteins 41 (2001) 269-278). Serum CK levels are used in the diagnosis of cardiac infarction and inherited muscle disease. Enquiries about mAb availability to Please let me know of any errors or omissions.

Abbreviations:   wb = western blot  if = immunolocalization  ip = immunoprecipitation  hu = human  mo = mouse  xe = xenopus lævis  ch = chick  dm = drosophila  fi = fish (raja clavata)  CRX = cross-reacting proteins  p = preparation  m = mapping  a = applications ¶ = Also available at Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank, IOWA(

Name Clone Type Epitope (aa) Applications Species
ve (x-ve)
Cross-reacting proteins
a) Creatine Kinase 9 mAbs
CK-1B7 1B7 G2b n.d.

xwb; captures native MM-CK from muscle extract,if,ip

hu (xra,xrb,<1% with Ox, pig) 46
CK-5D11 ¶ 5D11 G1 n.d. xwb;  captures native MM-CK from muscle extract,if,ip hu (xra,xrb,xOx,xpig,xch) 46
CK-2A7 ¶ 2A7 G1 30-89 of chick M-CK with K39 essential wb,if(xip) Hu and Ch muscle, Rb brain, To 47
CK-5H5 ¶ 5H5 IgM 30-89 of chick M-CK with E82 essential wb,if(xip) Ch muscle, Rb brain, To (xra, xrb) 47
CK-JAC ¶ 6F11 G1 E182-M206 of chick M-CK wb,if(xip) Ch,Hu,Ra,Rb,Mo,Pig,Torpedo marmorata,Pigeon,Quail, Lobster arginine kinase (xfi) 48
CK-JIL ¶ 5G11 G1 P193-G205 of chick M-CK wb,if(xip) Ch, Hu, Ra, Rb, Mo,Ox Pig, Zebrafish, Pigeon, Quail (xlobster arginine kinase) 48
CK-JOE JOE G1 AA300-370, partly conformational wb,if(Formalin fixation) Ch only (xRa,xRb, xMo, xHu, xTorpedo marmorata) 49, 50
CK-ART ¶ ART G1 AA300-370, partly conformational wb,if(Formalin fixation)(xip) Ch only (xRa,xRb, xMo, xHu, xTorpedo) 49, 50
CK-1F7 ¶ 1F7 n.d. n.d. wb,if(xip) Hu (n.d. other spp.) 51